Q. I want private lessons for my swimmer. Why do you only offer small group lessons?

A. While I understand small group lessons are typically not organized the same as we do at NoVa Sports Coach, it has proven to be a great model for learning. And, even though we do have private lessons in our Gold package, the others do not. Benefits to small groups at NoVa Sports Coach:

*Swimmers learn from each other. Demonstration from a more advanced swimmer has proven to be beneficial for learning by all in a group.

*When swimmers tire, they begin to focus on being tired rather than good technique. When they perform improper technique, their risk of injury is greater. So, having time to rest for 30 seconds to a minute while another swimmer is performing is actually a huge benefit to small group lessons and keeps swimmers refreshed for the learning environment. Additionally, we discuss what each swimmer does right and how they can improve (while other swimmers listen) and it encourages all swimmers to do the correct technique.

*Competition with others is good to help push them to a higher level. It’s difficult for swimmers to push themselves so having others to swim against becomes a big motivator, depending on their age and stage of swimming. 

Q. Can I come watch a lesson?

A. Yes! I’d be happy for you to come observe any of my lessons to see what they are like. Please contact me to book a time. 

Q. What are your prices?

A. Good question! We have several different programs you can choose from, each different in what strokes we teach, duration per session, etc. For specifics on our prices, please visit our homepage, click “schedule now” then “services” to schedule a time to talk to Coach Tracy about the specifics of our program.

Q. Can my swimmer have three lessons with you?

A. Great question! At NoVa Sports Coach, I am committed to giving athletes the best shot at swimming success. Therefore, I feel it is important to provide them with consistency in training to instill new techniques over an extended period of time. When an athlete has consistency, they begin to see big improvements. Because of this, I offer swim packages of 15 lessons. Additional lessons may be scheduled once the first 15 have been completed. Because I am committed to consistency and big improvements, I do not offer less than a 15 lesson package. 

Q. Can I try out a class before I buy the package?

A. Yes! I allow you to try out the program for $125/class, which includes a swim evaluation and a discussion about next steps. If the fit is right between the swimmer and coach, and there is a mutual agreement to continue the program, the $125 fee will be credited to your account.

Q. Do you get in the water to coach the swimmers?

A. Our Bronze program does have a coach in the water with the swimmers. On a rare occasion, our Silver and Gold swimmers will have a coach in the water to analyze their form under the water. But, during a typical lesson, they do not have coaches in the water with them.

Q. Do I need any additional equipment for the lessons?

A. Yes! You will need a swim suit, goggles, a kick board, and swim fins. You can find the best options on our resources page. 

Q: Do I have to pay the entrance fee to the recreation center if I am taking lessons with you?

A: No. NoVa Sports Coach provides the recreation center with a copy of our business license and insurance in order to rent lane space from them. This allows the swimmer access to the pool during our lesson, but only during our lesson. If you’d like to spend more time at the recreation center, you will need to purchase a pass.



"Tracy is very enthusiastic about coaching. My daughter and son have improved significantly since taking lessons with her. Tracy's lessons were instrumental in helping my daughter meet her goals and qualify for Junior Olympics, and my son to learn butterfly for the first time. Tracy provides direct feedback to each swimmer, and continuous feedback until she sees an improvement. Her positive approach motivates swimmers to try harder at each lesson!"

- Michelle C


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